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Enter new dimensions to entertainment

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The Ride 7D
1 Mills Circle (Ontario Mills Mall)
Ontario, CA
(909) 360-5159

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With amusement parks like Disneyland and Six Flags Magic Mountain getting more expensive for individuals and families as high inflation and gas prices sap more and more pocketbooks, many are looking for entertainment in a cheaper, convenient way — no lines — and a thrilling multi-dimensional experience.

“The RiDE 7D,” located at the Ontario Mills Mall, offers the immersive, interactive and motion thrills usually reserved for large amusement parks. But combining immersive and interactive elements adds a new level of amusement and entertainment. For instance:

The RiDE 7D” goes beyond 3D, 4D and virtual reality by using a giant curved screen that is in close proximity to the riders, which transports all into a multi-dimensional adventure.

Most amusement park rides are passive, which means you just sit there and ride. “The RiDE 7D” takes interactive entertainment to the next level with laser blasters and real-time scoring, making this a virtual reality game and ride smashed together, much like a giant video game you are in. 

Once strapped into “The RiDE 7D” motion seats, the ride serves up intense back-and-forth with a side-to-side motion. Motion seats will make you feel as if you are falling or moving at high speeds feeling the gush of wind.  For instance, imagine you are falling from a building, and you feel being nudged off your seat, although you are belted in of course.  That’s another dimension offered by the motion ride.

7 themes to choose from

Started in 2015, “The RiDE 7D” has been a mainstay at the conveniently located Ontario Mills Mall, with free parking and no reservations are required.  There are seven themed rides to choose from and each lasts 5 to 6 minutes. You can also choose from a few rides or all day or come reserve the entire facility for groups of 45 people or less.

There seven different themes are:

The Carnival

“The Carnival” ride offers a spooky trip into the world of a different kind of carnival. |Photo courtesy of  “The Ride 7D”

The Carnival: This offers a trip into a decrepit, abandoned haunted amusement park full of surprises, including a disturbed clown.

Zombies: Join graveyard police to save a town full of people from zombies.

Werewolves: Taking place in turn-of-the-century London, a fictional Dr. Wolf has created a poison gas turning people into animals eating people.

Los Banditos: This family-friendly adventure features Wild West cowboys in a shootout in Arizona’s Grand Canyon.

Neon Ninja: Set in Neon Tokyo, a futuristic city, follow a hoverboarding courier opening a top-secret package and activating a futuristic artificial intelligence suit.

Robot Riot: Robots descend on earth to fight with lasers and destroy everything during the end of times.

Gigamon: New York City is invaded by monsters who attack the city in heart-pumping fast action.

You can do rides back-to-back without getting out of your seat depending on your ticket package, such as a three-pack that starts at $ 20 or an all-day ticket (20 rides) for $49 and other family and group discounts.

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|Photo courtesy of “The RiDE 7D”

Rather than journeying to Disneyland or Six Flags Magic Mountain and facing high prices for rides, parking, food and gas, there is a cheaper, more accessible, and interactive experience at “The RiDE 7D     ” that won’t break the bank but will break up the monotony of the usual amusement park and entertainment fare.

Get 20%-80% Off tickets + $10 extra dollars off your order with code RIDE10.

For more information call (909) 360-5159 and visit “The RiDE 7D” website.

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