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How managed IT support will improve your company’s bottom line

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By Tim Stone

Today’s businesses are more technology-driven than ever. But chances are, with so many other activities demanding your attention day in and day out as a business leader, it can be easy for tech concerns to be overlooked or neglected. After all, information technology (or IT) is likely not necessarily your core area of expertise.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. As Steven Price, founder, president and CEO of Tech Rockstars, a California-based IT service provider explains, managed IT support can go a long way in improving a company’s bottom line and ensuring that all tech needs are adequately covered.

Turn IT Over to Experts

“The first big advantage of using managed IT is that you can turn your business’s technology needs over to experts,” Price explains. “These are people who have the resources and training to help you understand your business’s IT needs. They can help you set an appropriate budget and determine which tools you actually need — and then do all the behind-the-scenes work to keep everything running smoothly.”

In a day of ever-expanding tech adoption, such expertise is more crucial than ever. A 2020 survey of small business owners found that 84% viewed cloud services as “essential” for operating their business. And 74% even said they wouldn’t be able to operate their core business offering without cloud support.

Many enterprise-level businesses use hundreds of tech tools across marketing, HR, finance and other key functions. Keeping all these tools running smoothly keeps your business operating as it should.

Boost Your Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an increasing concern for businesses, with data breaches a major source of loss for companies. Research from IBM found that in 2021, the average cost of a data breach was $4.24 million. Companies that suffer breaches also lose customer trust when private information is compromised.

“Businesses of all sizes are a top target for hackers,” Price says.

“Whether the result of compromised credentials, outdated security platforms, or inadequate training for your staff, these issues can come up alarmingly quickly. With managed IT support, you can rest assured that you have the latest and most up-to-date security solutions protecting your data. You can also gain access to valuable training that helps your employees understand cybersecurity best practices.”

That training is especially important, as employee negligence has previously been found to be a business’s biggest cybersecurity risk. Every extra layer of protection will make a difference for your company’s digital security.

Streamline Adoption of New Tech

As noted earlier, it isn’t unusual for small businesses to have dozens of tech tools — and for larger enterprises to use several hundred. While many of these tools can automate mundane work and enable your employees to focus on more productive tasks, integrating these tools into your team’s workflow can be a challenge.

“Getting a new cloud-based system up and running can be tough, especially when you’re trying to get it to work alongside the other tools that you’re already using,” Price says.

“The technology adoption process can create a lot of unnecessary headaches. Managed IT ensures you have someone on your side who can help streamline this transition. From ensuring that new and old tools interlink properly to assisting your team in understanding how to use these new tools, that extra support can go a long way in getting everyone to buy into the new resources.”

Automation can improve performance, work quality and speed — often beyond what people can do on their own. The right tech tools can dramatically improve your team’s productivity, while also eliminating the human error that can slip into rote, repeatable tasks.

Focus On Your Areas of Expertise

“Business leaders wear a lot of hats,” Price says.

“Managing employees, negotiating with clients and determining the overall direction of the business are big responsibilities. You don’t want to be — and often can’t afford to be — distracted by trying to figure out the minutiae of IT. Just like outsourcing other tasks can help you focus on your own areas of expertise, using managed IT allows you to focus on the things that matter most for running your business.”

This is especially true for smaller businesses, which likely don’t have the financial resources necessary to hire their own full-time IT support staff. Outsourcing is ultimately more cost-effective and gives business leaders one less thing to worry about as they manage the countless other tasks that demand their attention.

When you can focus on what you do best, rather than try to learn how to do something outside your area of expertise, you’ll be far more productive and better able to direct your organization to a profitable future.

Use Managed IT Support to Improve Your Finances

“Managed IT support should be viewed as an investment,” Price says.

“With quality IT support, you have the technological foundation needed to keep your business running strong for many years to come, even as tech continues to change. With expert support on your side, you’ll be prepared for whatever the future holds.”

Even when managed IT support doesn’t seem to directly contribute to your profit margins, there is no denying that it can help your bottom line. By enabling your team to adopt new tech that makes them more efficient, protecting your company from cyber threats and giving you more time and energy to focus on your core competencies, your company can become far more productive and profitable.

Tech Rockstars, located on 850 S. Myrte Ave. in Monrovia, has been providing exceptional IT services to many businesses in the San Gabriel Valley and beyond for nearly 20 years. Customers can reach them at (626) 322-2290 or through email at info@techrockstars.com.

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