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Home / Lifestyle / The inner ring: Home defense (part two)

The inner ring: Home defense (part two)

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Now that you have an idea of what could be going on inside the mind of a burglar who’s planning to target your home, let’s break down our first “circle of influence.”

The first, outermost circle refers to the intelligent design of your yard. This includes everything from your use of lights, and landscaping to the hardening of your entryways.

Here are a few things to consider with your home.

The View

When inspecting your property, the following list should be considered.


Can you step over your cute picket fence effortlessly or does it take a bit of olympic athleticism? No fence is impossible to get over. Some just require more work than others.

Is there a “Beware of dog” sign posted on a fence? Looking into your backyard, what size dog bowl do you see? A big dog bowl usually means a big dog which is a “no go” for most criminals.

If you have bushes or vines growing on your fence, do they impair your neighbor’s view of your yard? Do they impair your view of the street? Though your perimeter shrubbery may seem like a layer of security for your yard, it may actually be a form of security for those who wish to gain access to your home without being seen.


At daytime, if someone wanted to approach your windows undetected and sneak a peek, is shrubbery in their way? If there are bushes, are they so huge that they give a burglar perfect cover to hide in waiting for an opportunity? Five feet is a good maximum height for window shrubbery.

At night, can threats see through your house, take inventory and make a shopping list? Close those blinds and drapes.

Advertise your alarm system in your windows or on a yard sign.


Could you and your neighbors keep watch over each other’s homes? How dark is your yard at night and how easily could intruders unscrew or eliminate your exterior lights? Understand that some thugs don’t care about damaging your property.

I hope this has sparked some project ideas to remain vigilant and proactive.

Until next time remember, true health begins with inner wealth!

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