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Health Tips from the Healthiest Countries in the World

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A healthy society is a goal that all governments try to achieve but how do they go about it? In the quest for good health, you are going to find that some countries have better strategies for achieving it than others. By standardizing key metrics, the healthiness of countries can be contrasted to explain the outcomes of strategies implemented.

What has Japan and South Korea Done to Create Such a Long-living, Healthy Country?

A healthy lifestyle encompasses proper nutrition, regular exercise, and stress-free living. It is important to understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not merely an option; it is the only way to live for a better future. Some ways these countries have created a long-lasting, healthy lifestyle are:

Proper Nutrition

The Japanese and South Koreans have a better understanding of nutrition than most other countries. Japan and South Korea are among the leading countries in the world with the best health. These two eastern countries are also high on the list of countries with the highest life expectancy in the world at 85.03 and 83.50 years old respectively. They both consume a tremendous amount of vegetables and fruit which leads to an alkaline diet. 

An alkaline diet is full of essential vitamins and minerals that we need to live a long, healthy life. There has been an increase in the awareness of maintaining good nutrition around the world. Information in the slide above, by this website, can provide valuable data to delve into the productive solutions. Both Japan and South Korea consume fewer processed foods and sweets compared to Western diets, drastically reducing the amount of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The higher proportions of vegetables is a major factor in lowering of chronic diseases in these countries.

Move Around More: Embrace the Outdoors

For most of us, physical fitness is not a top priority. We work long hours and continuously commute to and from work, thus providing no time for exercise or physical activity. This sedentary lifestyle will only have negative effects on your health in the long run, as it plays a significant role in the development of diseases such as diabetes mellitus. 

To prevent this from happening, you must exercise more and move around more. Exercise at least three times a week for 30 minutes, engage in regular daily walks, or simply just stand up from your chair more often when at work. We know this small investment in physical exercise can produce amazing health results, social sports are a good way to keep motivated and have fun, all while burning calories.

Stress-free Living

The reason so many Asian countries live well into their nineties is because of the methods they use to keep their bodies healthy. Eating a whole foods diet, staying active, being mindful of internal and external stimuli, and appreciating what you have in life are just some of the ways these cultures stay relaxed. While we all know this, the consistency required when looking after your body is the most challenging aspect.

Good health is one of the major goals of humans, as it can lead us to live a better life. We should do or try our best to follow the things that can bring us better health, and surely the choice of food and lifestyle play an important role in leading us to a healthy life.

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