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How Traveling Makes the World a More Peaceful Place

Jennifer Schlueter is a contributing travel writer, who also writes her personal travel blog Discovering Legacies. Born in Germany, Jennifer lived in Los Angeles for several years for college and gives a fresh, outside perspective of how ridiculous LA life can be. Having left her 9-to-5 job as a newspaper editor, she now travels the world and documents her adventures online.


Do you ever feel like anytime you glance at a screen, it only depicts scenes of chaos, blood, violence, and tears? Police brutality, racism, kids shooting kids, wars, etc. — even though the world has never been less violent. However, we are told by the mainstream media not to travel to certain places because they’re dangerous.

Yet, travelers don’t let this stop them. They still travel. They still make lifelong connections with locals in different areas because they know that experiencing a country on their own will lead them to great memories with friendly, helpful locals.

With my first trip to Italy when I was three years old, my parents planted the travel bug in me. Since, I haven’t stopped exploring the world. After more than two decades of traveling, I confidently believe that traveling makes this world a more peaceful place. And guess what – I’ve found other passionate globetrotters who agree with me on this, too!

I’ve asked five travel bloggers from different backgrounds how travelers can contribute to a more peaceful world. Here are there answers:

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Photo courtesy of Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

“I was born in a very small (town) in Eastern Slovakia where people are just not used to seeing ‘different’ people. Most of people there are on the similar financial level and do not really accept people of different race and color, not even of different religion, and are even less OK with gays and lesbians. I never agreed with them but it was only I really started traveling around the world when I fully realized that people ARE different, yet all the same. We all have a heart and want to be loved. We all have good and bad days when all we need is a hug and a nice word.

Traveling taught me not to judge others as they could not choose how and where they were born; neither could I. On the road I also began to believe in karma which means that the nicer I am to others, the nicer they will be to me. If not the same people specifically, then it will get back to me later from someone else, but it will. Let us all make more good deeds in this world and help the less fortunate :).” – Alexandra Kovacova

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Teacake Travels

Photo courtesy of Teacup Travels

“Through thick and thin, good and bad, never stop traveling. You are a little ray of light in keeping the world’s peace, love, compassion, respect, and excitement alive. By traveling, you are kicking biased TV news reports, racist viewpoints, and uneducated ideas in the butt. You need to keep kicking butt more than ever.

Share your stories of kindness, happiness, and the small little things that keep your faith in humanity strong. Show the world you refuse to give into negative crap. Live your life, enjoy Mother Earth and keep on going because you are the Ying to the Yang. See you on the road adventurer!” – Alice Nettleingham

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The Blog Abroad

Photo courtesy of The Blog Abroad

“One thing I always reiterate that I think has helped change my perspective of the world, is that I travel more for the people rather than the places. I’ve learned that there is beauty in every corner of the world, and I can oogle at cathedrals, plazas, and beaches all day, but I much rather dine with locals, learn their stories, and exchange our cultures.
You develop a greater sense of appreciation for the place you’re in when you have a more in-depth experience, and that only comes through talking to the locals. To travel and maintain prejudice is nearly impossible if you open up your mind enough. Every person is a friend you haven’t met yet, and that’s the approach I always take when traveling.” – Gloria Atanmo

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Verocious Trips

Photo courtesy of Verocious Trips

“In all honesty, I have yet to uncover (and discover) all the wonderful gems that this world has to offer. I am, however, thrilled at the prospect of starting my travels to different parts of the world… one step at a time. So, my humble vision actually takes me back to my time as a kid. Few things that I recall: I enjoyed my math and language courses, I was somehow always involved in cultural events and dancing and in my free time, I liked to experiment with different handwritings. In hindsight, every small step I took actually brought me closer to what I’ve always wanted – to understand people and places –through travel.

Albert Einstein spent 10 years trying to formulate his theory of general relativity and came up with one single equation (E = MC^2) to describe the space-time continuum. Sometimes, I wonder, is there a unifying theory that can help us (humans) achieve peace? Of course, it’s a complex issue and there is no “one-size fits all” approach or solution. But, I think travelers (and traveling) can serve as catalysts in better understanding people and places. Even so, it’s important to share an authentic and honest view of our travel experiences with our readers, followers, etc.

So, to answer the question, I would like to start contributing to the world by trying different cuisines, listening to people’s stories and when in doubt, busting a move or two and dancing away (even if it looks silly)! We can acknowledge our differences, but we can also celebrate humanity. Let me emphasize that – we should celebrate humanity.” – Veronica

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Wandering Wagars

Photo courtesy of Wandering Wagars

“As parents who travel with their children, we have looked upon travel as a form of education. As we travel with them to new locations, both local and remote, they are being introduced to new cultures and experiences. We firmly believe that travel can be a way to teach them about respect. Respect for nature, other cultures and beliefs, and most importantly respect for themselves.

Travel is one of the most genuine forms of education. Every moment of travel is a hands on immersion into new and exciting experiences, and by opening up the world to our children, we truly believe that they will be passing on their experiences to their peers, and eventually to their own children.” – Kevin Wagar & family 

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And now, here are my two cents about why traveling makes the world a more peaceful place:

I’m fortunate to have visited a lot of different places and countries from a very young age. All my travels have taught me that you make connections with strangers. They help you or you help them. You learn how to understand each other even if it’s by communicating via hands and feet. You get to know their story. You learn from each other and you respect each other. You know that you come from different backgrounds, but you share being human. Joy, hope, fear, sadness — are universal emotions. You internalize this when you travel and you become more and more empathetic. Empathy to me is the key for a more peaceful world.

So never stop sharing your adventures, goals, and dreams. Never stop inspiring people. Never stop encouraging others that they can travel too, even if it’s “just” a town 200-miles away, a different state, or the neighboring country. Never stop traveling <3

Now, I want to hear from you: Why do YOU think traveling can make the world a more peaceful place? Share your opinion in the comments!

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