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Some may consider 69 clothing to be ambiguous, but the collection might better describe itself as being demographic-free. The collection, an assortment of atypical unisex items, is made and produced here in L.A. In the last three years of running and designing 69, the brains behind the clothing brand has remained anonymous, solely relying on the clothes created to “speak for themselves.” The pieces, as unique as they may seem, are accessible in their playfulness, comfort, and aesthetic strikingness. 69 recently released its SS14 collection and was gracious enough to give LAC a low-key interview.


LA CANVAS: What’s the reason with remaining anonymous?

69: I’m not interested in notoriety. I would prefer 69 to be recognized as brand, not a single person.

LAC: So what can you tell us about yourself?

69: Not much.

LAC: Do you have a background in design?

69: I do! I’ve been designing since I was a kid.

LAC: What got you into it?

69: I think it’s one of the things I was born to do.

LAC: Why denim, is it its versatility?

69: Exactly.


LAC: OK, let’s jump into your new collection, SS14. Break down the types of items we’ll see. 

69: You’re going to see all the classics with some new stuff. Most of the clothes I make are unisex, but there is this dress in particular that will hopefully translate as a male dress first, women second.

LAC: What was the creative process?

69: Head to hand to paper to cloth.

LAC: How much do you experiment and how much is already conceptualized?

69: 40/60

LAC: Does creating unisex items give you more freedom to be creative or does it place in you in a difficult spot of trying to please both genders?

69: I’ve never considered gender much. Some pieces are definitely more female and some are more male. It’s more about how the wearer appropriates the garment to their mood and life.


LAC: We always notice the large diversity in the people (and animals) you use as your models, is this important to you? Does this say anything about the type of person you see wearing 69?

69: Yes and yes. 69 is non demographic.

LAC: What’s behind the name 69?

69: 69 is a symbol that has transcended its original meaning to become what I envision the brand to be. That is a symbol that represents everyone.

View more from 69’s collection here.

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