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6 Ways to Boost Organic Social Traffic

Organic social media is an often overlooked tool in the digital marketing chest. Brands that intend to rapidly grow their audience often throw the majority of their time and budget into paid advertising. While there are clear benefits to running these campaigns, having a strong organic platform is paramount to its overall success. 

Imagine coming across a targeted ad in your Instagram feed. The product seems enticing, as the intended audience met its mark. You eagerly click on the link to the brand’s Instagram page only to find a minimal following and low quality content. Are you still going to engage this business for its services? Likely not. As such, organic social media and strategic content creation largely affect your online reputation and digital engagement. If you are looking to clean up your virtual brand image, start with these six ways to boost organic social traffic. 

6 Ways to Boost Organic Social Traffic

1. Exercise Continuity in Branding 

Brand manual, brand manual, brand manual. Repeating this phrase three times will not conjure a rambunctious spirit to help with your aesthetic, but it will remind you of the importance of maintaining consistency within branding. Brand manuals are the guiding force within all business advertising. Whether you are printing t-shirts or creating an infographic, your brand manual aids, and albeits the artistic direction. This guide ideally contains company logos, colors, slogans, and approved fonts. You can also go as far as to include your company brand voice and detailed target demographic profiles. 

2. Post Consistently Across Platforms

When it comes to praying to the almighty algorithm, consistency is key. Platforms such as TikTok and Instagram are notorious for keeping content creators on their toes. Unfortunately, to gain viewership, you must dance the designated steps as predetermined by the virtual gods. Posting routinely helps restructure the algorithm in your favor. This in turn increases your reliability, and consequentially the audience size to which your content is presented. Utilizing a social media management tool helps easily store all existing and future content. Software like Sprout Social allows you to schedule posts in advance and monitor community engagement all in one place. Scheduling content in advance allows you to maintain consistency with posting instead of just posting in the spur of the moment. 

3. Exercise Quality Control With Every Post

Now that we’ve discussed the frequency of posting, it stands to note that your content quality is priority. If you share five subpar posts in a week, you might as well not be posting at all. With the firehose of media at our disposal, audiences are pickier than ever. Attention spans are also growing shorter and shorter, meaning your elevator pitch is barely allotted one floor. Post content should be brand-specific, concise, well thought out, and have a purpose. 

4. Monitor Analytics and Tailor Content Accordingly 

If you know your friend works between 9 am and 5pm, you likely won’t stop by their house to visit between those times. This logical concept also relates to social media posting. The organic social media growth tools that exist today are extremely useful with content development. Instagram and Facebook Business Analytics help denote just when your target demographic is online. Sprout Social allows you to schedule your content to post within an optimal time frame, which helps place your brand in front of the most eyes. 

5. Host an Influencer Campaign

If you are a new business venture, your digital marketing budget is likely low (or nonexistent). You likely are trying to get the most bang for your buck in terms of social growth. Influencer campaigns are an excellent method for expanding your audience reach at a low cost to you. Brands incentivize these initiatives typically in two ways: either monetary or product/services. If your product is desirable and you source the right influencer, you can likely offer an exchange of products for promotion on their platform. Influencer campaigns open your market up to an entirely new audience. The influencer has already built trust with their following, which then boosts the credibility of the brands they promote. 

6. Engage Your Target Market

We’ve saved the best for last. Engagement is the highest priority for organic social media strategy. It is simple to do and offers the most rewards in terms of retaining customers. Interact frequently with your current following via comments, likes, and reshares. Create your own brand hashtag and encourage visitors to use it when sharing your content. Reward profile tags and story mentions with a shout-out every time to encourage others to do the same.

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