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Recap: The Dos Equis Luna Rising Experience


The invite asked us to ‘journey into the night for an immersive experience that transforms under the rising moon’. So naturally we were intrigued, cause who wouldn’t want to howl at the moon? As we set out for the night, dressed mostly in white—eah, we got a message asking us to do so, along with the address leak—we met up with the Dos Equis crew at the statue on Wilshire and Ocean in Santa Monica and were guided on a bus, chaperoned by a beautiful female, who looped a wicked voice recording to amp us up for what was to come. Mermaids, Cleopatras, and Queens of the Night greeted us as we stepped off our transport and set foot on the secret location. A smokey red hallway led us into an open space, lit with hues of blue and red: a stage, a doll on stilts, a tall man juggling bowling pins, a gigantic moon in the middle, Disclosure bumpin’ throughout, and women with capes and horns guiding select groups to the balcony were only some of the few things we noticed instantaneously, prolonging our anticipation for performances to manifest. This we knew would ultimately be gifted to it’s audience; us.

Electrifying performances came into fruition that bred choreographed dance sequences, circus acts to the max, and performance art taken to the next level. We sat back with our Dos Equis Ambar and enjoyed a Thursday night we knew we wouldn’t get at the local bar. We salute the impeccable experience that coincided with a summer moon and it’s awakening. Here’s the proof that Dos Equis know’s how to cater to those who interact with the brand. As for the man on the advertisements? He was there in spirit, our friends:Photos by Rony Alwin

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