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7 Ways to Tailor Your Brand to Your Local Market

The digital age is rapidly changing how we engage with others and conduct business. This sea of information can serve as your greatest asset or greatest frustration, depending on how you utilize your resources. 

To expand your audience reach and potential clientele, it is imperative that you first have an in-depth understanding of your target market. Every business strategy differs to some degree, which means the facilitator is responsible for clear and concise brand representation. This involves conducting thorough research into your local area and ideal client demographics. 

Benefits of Inbound Marketing 

Inbound marketing consists of generating useful content and organically distributing it to a target audience. It can look like writing blogs on your area of expertise, hosting local events, or launching a social media campaign. This method of networking is designed to attract, delight, and engage your designated audience and potential future clients. 

You can utilize inbound marketing strategies to better reach your provincial area. Local business marketing strategies should be original and specific to your location. It is crucial to actively monitor and adjust your approach as you gain new information on your community. Here are seven ways you can better tailor your brand to your local market. 

How to Tailor Your Brand to Your Local Market

1..Modify Your Online Ad Placements

Most digital marketing ad platforms allow businesses to hyper-target their campaigns. Structure the SEO strategy for your business by running campaigns that are niche and geo-specific. Using Google and Facebook Ads, you can filter your audience by gender and age range and denote specific interests. You also have the ability to adjust ad radius and narrow keywords, so use these tools to your advantage. 

2. Tweak Your Language to Fit the Local Market

Imagine your ideal client is a middle-aged woman with a middle to upper class socioeconomic standing. With this in mind, you likely would not use casual verbiage or lackadaisical slang terminology in your marketing copy. You also might prefer to monopolize your Facebook marketing efforts, as opposed to Tik Tok or Snapchat, which are geared towards a younger demographic. 

These principles apply no matter what your local market looks like. It is important to do extensive research around the people residing in your city and region. Educate yourself on the analytics behind localized income level, sex,  race, age, and employment. Once you have a better understanding of the individuals you are marketing to, you will be better able to modify your language and promotions accordingly. 

3. Build Relationships With Existing Customers

There is really no easier way to determine the success of your business than returning customers. If people are satisfied with their service and trust the provider, they are more likely to continue coming back. In this sense, your existing clientele is key for gaining new customers and interest. 

Keep logs of your current customers’ contact information and service preferences. Work on learning names and personalizing your offerings for returning patrons. Consider sending out an email newsletter to your customer bank, and also running special promotions around holidays and birthdays. People naturally prefer to go where they feel seen and wanted.

4. Host Community Events

Take some time to get to know your community. What types of events attract your ideal clientele? Consider sponsoring a local 5K, partnering with the city animal shelter, or hosting a bingo night. Engaging events are an excellent way to connect your services with fun activities while meeting new potential customers. 

5. Connect With Other Local Businesses

Think about which brands and businesses stand out to you in your community. Consider connecting with these owners to join forces and host a local event or media campaign. Collaborating with other local brands allows you to cross-promote services, which is a win-win for both parties. 

6. Highlight Local Influencers 

Influencer marketing is an excellent way for your content to reach thousands of fresh eyes. Start small and use a localized approach as you search for your ideal influencers. You can modify your preferences by location on most influencer sourcing platforms. Insense is one of these platforms, and utilizes an ideal, intuitive software to pair you with influencers and creators by location. Their brand team writes, “Targeting Instagram influencers in specific locations is going to lead to a better ROI for your marketing spend and will produce more immediate results.”

7. Be Engaging on Social Media

You can organically broaden your reach by taking an active and informative social media approach online. Keep your pages refreshing and in alignment with your current business’ voice by establishing and sticking to a brand manual. Stay up to date on local happenings and use your social platforms to share these relevant bits of information. Host giveaways on your social channels to encourage following and resharing. 


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