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Monrovia’s Delgado Brothers’ ‘Two Trains’ is Right on Track

The Delgado Brothers from left to right: Bobby Delgado, Joey Delgado, Steve Delgado and David B Kelley. – Courtesy photo / Christopher R. Silva

By Terry Miller

I love trains. In fact, growing up in England, the train was an everyday thing for me.

It took me to great cities all over Scotland and England. There was a certain romantic elegance about travelling by train that unforthately seems to have gone with the advent of time.

I also happen to be addicted to drums and great music.  So, when Joey Delgado sent me his band’s new CD I was in heaven.  Combining the power of trains and music was just too much…I dashed to my car and drove around town for a couple of hours playing and replaying ‘Two Trains’, as loud as I could.

I’m surprised I didn’t get a ticket for going above the allowed decibel level in a car (actually I can’t- I have an OLD stereo in a 14 year old Honda. Oh well)

There are rare occasions when a new album knocks my socks off, but my friend Joey Delgado did just that when he sent me his band’s latest collection of marvelous original songs a few weeks ago.

The title track, “Two Trains” immediately grabbed my attention with haunting vocals, brilliant guitar and bass and a terrific drum line pounding the track, which leads to a great and truly memorable chorus.

When I looked at the liner notes, I was delighted to see John Avila’s input into the superb production. Avila, of Oingo Boingo fame, is a talented local bass player and the producer who mixed the record in San Gabriel.

Joey Delgado is one of the most unassuming and talented musicians I know and considering how long he, his brothers and friends have been playing, it’s easy to see the love in their hearts and hear that expounded in the music of this new CD, “Two Trains.”

The band had a CD release party which I sadly was unable to attend due to illness, but I can see what all the commotion was about.

Avila, of Oingo Boingo fame, is an extraordinarily talented local bass player and producer  who mixed the record in San Gabriel.

For over 30 years the Delgado Brothers have been music makers, collaborators and ordinary citizens; raising children, grieving the loss of parents, marrying & divorcing.  “All of this life experience may explain their flare for illuminating everyman’s joys, sorrows, triumphs and losses,” according to a PR pice on their website.

The Delgado Brothers are eldest brother Bob Delgado on bass, middle brother Joey D on guitar and vocals, younger brother Steve on drums and vocals, and David “B” Kelley on 1972 Vintage Hammond B3 – What a sound!

For these guys to be around so long they have to have something special, and these latest cuts prove that  – beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Go full steam ahead to order their CD (its only $20) go to their website: https://delgadobrothers.com/

You’ll not regret it. I promise!

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