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Jason Lee: Safety, water & more business For Arcadia

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Jason Lee is running for the 5th District in the Arcadia City Council race. HeySoCal.com caught up with him to discuss his campaign.

HeySoCal.com: Who is Jason Lee and why do you want to serve on the Arcadia City Council?

Jason Lee:  I’m a longtime resident (17 years) and a voter in Arcadia. I’m also in an attorney at-law with my law firm is located on Huntington drive, right behind the BJ’s Warehouse restaurant.  I’m very much local and I’m very much invested in the city of Arcadia.  I care a lot about Arcadia, the future of Arcadia, the city’s direction, Arcadia mattes a great deal personally to me because I may be retiring here in a few years.

I also had training and experience in journalism coming here as a graduate student from China. That was very conducive to being a good attorney.

HeySoCal.com: What are your concerns and what problems do you want to address?

Jason Lee: My top goal is to ensure public safety and to reduce crime. And that can be done by strengthening the police force by hiring additional officers and to having increased patrols in our neighborhoods for visibility. Arcadia has surplus funds in its budget that allow for this. The crime rate is higher than five years ago. 

We also need to address the homeless problem. It is a big concern with citizens. Arcadia is feeling like a target to many residents. Our officer should be a visible presence to deter crime. We have reserve police officers, and the budget would allow for the hiring of maybe five more fulltime police officers.

HeySocal.com: What else beyond public safety?

Jason Lee:  We have a water problem.  Arcadia has always been known for being a garden because the word “Arcadia” comes from the Greek language. It means a garden.  

We have alternative sources of water. Basically, we need to capture the rain water in the winter and store it for summertime. We need to reinvent our system and we leadership in that direction because we do not have other choices. The solution may be issuing municipal bonds. Keep Arcadia green.

We also need to address the need for renovation and modernizing Arcadia’s downtown commercial districts, such as on Huntington Drive and First Street. The city needs to offer incentives beyond expediting the permit process or procedures. Tax credits, for instance. 

HeySoCal.com:  Where can you make the most immediate impact?

Jason Lee: My goal is to ensure public, safety and reducing crime.  I think that, that could happen within the first term.   We simply just need to hire additional police officers. 

But for my other goals, to implement new water programs and business development incentives, takes more time and more collaboration amongst the other council member which I can facilitate. Working with the other councilmembers and city employees I will look forward to.

You can learn more about Jason Lee at electjasonlee.com.

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