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Going to college in SoCal? Here’s a checklist

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Are you headed to the sunny Southern California region to attend college? If that goal is part of your future, it’s important to get ready to study in one of the world’s most lucrative locations. Getting a degree in a place where beaches, great weather, gorgeous scenery, and a laid-back atmosphere are part of the daily menu means taking a few extra steps to prepare for the adventure. 

The first item on the agenda is the most serious of all: getting everything paid for in advance. That’s why most SoCal students take out education loans first. Not having to worry about tuition and other bills during a four-year degree program is the way to get started on the right foot. Another wise move is to learn a bit of Spanish so you can take occasional side-trips to nearby border cities or venture into Mexico for holiday weekends. Other smart prep for living in Southern California includes:

  • Getting gear and supplies for weekend trips to the beach
  • Making a detailed study schedule to allow for free time to enjoy the locale
  • Buying a reliable bicycle for inexpensive transportation around campus and nearby neighborhoods

But step one is about paying all the bills, so that should be your first concern

Get it paid for

Don’t put yourself in the dicey position of having to pay semester-by-semester for tuition, room, board, and other degree-related expenses. There’s a much more efficient way of dealing with finances, and it’s to take out a student loan to pay for the entire program. That way, you can study, enjoy a social life, and learn job-relevant skills without the question of paying next semester’s tuition hanging over your head. Education loans make good economic sense and are the most popular way to finance the quest for a degree.

Learn Spanish

For most SoCal pupils, Mexico is just a short drive away, as are fun border cities on the US side like Mexicali, Nogales, and Tijuana. Consider taking a basic, online Spanish course so you can acquire enough vocabulary and grammar to chat with the locals in Mexico and have more fun on weekend trips.

Get beach-ready

If you’re not from the area, buy the beach essentials that every young person in SoCal needs to get the most out of Saturdays and Sundays on the seashore. Relaxing at the beach is a great way to manage signs of burnout as you complete your studies. Your shopping list should include plenty of sunscreen, swimsuits, a small barbeque setup, a cooler, one or more sun canopies, a couple of folding chairs, and maybe even a surfboard. Don’t try to learn to surf on your own. Hire a skilled surfer to give you a few lessons before hitting the waves.

Plan study sessions

Reserve weeknights and weekend mornings for studying. In Southern California, this arrangement will allow you to take maximum advantage of fun in the sun on weekends. Be careful to stick to a detailed study schedule and not give into the temptation to hit the beaches during the week. In such a beautiful location, there are plenty of temptations. That’s why it’s imperative to map out a schedule and adhere to it. Then, buy a bicycle so you can do a little exploring whenever you get a free hour or two.

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