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Home / News / Politics / Eileen Wang for Arcadia City Council: Public safety first

Eileen Wang for Arcadia City Council: Public safety first

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HeySoCal.com: Why is Eileen Wang running for Arcadia City Council?

Eileen Wang: Because the big issue for all Arcadia residents is public safety. We had a robbery at “99 Ranch Market” last week and that makes residents worry. We must make a change together, as a community. I have experience at community service and that’s where it starts. From the ground roots we can help make change. We need to involve more citizens, more neighborhood-watch types of programs, but we need more people to be involved in this.

HeySocal.com: What is the other big concern you would address?

Eileen Wang:
The homeless issue is something we are all concerned about and need to address. It is just not a City Council issue. It’s a community issue. The city belongs to all the residents of the city Arcadia. It is just not only the City Council making decisions for us.

Also, just overall police presence. There are a lot of accidents happening because of speeding on city streets. The speed limit is 35 mph on most city streets and speeds of 45 or 55 mph during the daytime are happening regularly and that makes residents very annoyed and worried. More police presence would help.

HeySoCal.com: Would you advocate hiring more police officers?

Eileen Wang: Of course. I want to work with the city manager to know how much funding we have the ability to hire more officers. And also promoting neighborhood watch programs is a goal.

We can have more surveillance programs with cameras. We can patrol crime. The Arcadia city budget has a surplus that allows for this spending. And examining the current deployment of officers should be discussed. And I would work closely with the police chief (Roy Nakamura) on that. The city also has reserved police officers as well.

HeySocal.com: Can the city finance more of a neighborhood program?

Eileen Wang:
Yes, I want to put funding into neighborhood watch programs so that it can be  organized and coordinated. That all feeds into public safety.

Also, listening to the public and gathering public comments is important. Public hearings are important.

HeySoCal.com: How would you work with your fellow council members? To attain your goals?

Eileen Wang: It’s all about collaboration and what is fair for residents, that’s my first priority. And even if some do not support during the election, I will still work with them.

HeySoCal.com: What else would you like to see in Arcadia?

Eileen Wang: More cultural festivals, music festivals. That would bring people into the city. And it’s good for the local small businesses. That’s important to quality of life.

We need to make a change together. We need diversity to come together. And we need to get residents to get out and vote. That’s how community involvement starts.

I will serve the best interests of the residents of Arcadia. My boss will be residents of Arcadia.

For more information on Eileen Wang, see her campaign website.

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