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5 tips to break into the fashion industry

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The fashion industry is a highly competitive one and breaking into it takes a lot of determination and passion for style and changing trends. Despite what some may say, it isn’t impossible to do well in this area, no matter your age. That said; you are going to have to put in a lot of hard work and start
expanding your network as soon as possible. If your ultimate goal is to work in this fast-paced world –
whether it’s in manufacturing, distribution, marketing, retail, advertising, or promotion.

The following are five things you should be doing right now:

Consider Going to College

Having a fashion-related degree is important if you have no direct contacts in the business. It shows that
you have the dedication to learn, and it will also benefit you in your search for work as you will be
competing with people who do hold a bachelor’s degree, often from a top college. For those who do
hold a degree, your student loans will be stress you don’t want to worry about too much while looking
for work. You can look to an Earnest student loan refinance to give better repayment options. This way
you can make the repayments more manageable and give yourself some breathing space until you find
your feet.


Networking is everything so make sure that you are doing whatever you can to expand your contact list.
Go to trade shows and conventions and speak to people within the industry. Even if they are not able to
get you to work right away, they will likely come in useful at some point in your career. Your network may
also be able to help you find internships that could be your first step in the door of a big fashion house.

Consider Your Niche

Whatever your goals, you need to have a niche you are passionate about. This is especially true if you
are going to open a business. Find one area you want to work in and stick to it. If you’re casting too wide
a net, you won’t be considered an expert in any specific area. When looking for work or internships, those interviewing you want to know that you are truly interested in the area you are applying for, so start working on a specific niche as soon as possible. 

Those who are the best at their craft within the fashion industry are those who understand trends and are constantly tailoring their work towards them. Social media is a huge part of all the best fashion forecasting strategies, so you should follow influential figures and see what they are wearing and doing when it comes to fashion. 

Be Yourself

One of the best pieces of advice for enhancing your lifestyle is always stay true to yourself and what you believe in. The truly inspirational people in the world of fashion and art see what they create as extensions of themselves. So, while trends are important, it’s also still vital to keep an element of your own core values within your work. Clients and potential employers will also appreciate someone who believes in themselves and what they stand for rather than simply following along with the crowd. It’s something that you need to start learning early on, so understand what your work means to you and how you want yourself to be expressed through your creations.

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