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4 transport sector careers that pay well

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If you have your mind made up to build a long-term career in the transportation field, the 2020s are ripe for your desires. That’s because the entire transport industry is booming like never before. There are many reasons for this fortunate phenomenon, including the fact that more people than ever are working from home and relying on delivery services to bring them office supplies, food, furniture, auto parts and building supplies.

There are other reasons for the amazing growth of this diverse industry, but the upshot for job seekers is that opportunities abound. Along with positions in warehouse operations and vehicle fleet supervision, companies are in dire need of account executives, analysts of all kinds, and qualified drivers. Don’t worry if you lack training or education because most employers are happy to hire willing, capable candidates and teach them what they need to know. Here is more information about the top transportation industry jobs that not only pay well but offer entrants the chance to enhance their lifestyle and build lifelong careers.

Warehouse Operations Specialist

With the home delivery sector growing at a record pace, warehouse operations positions are plentiful. If you’re looking to break into the transport sector but can’t secure a driving position yet, or have been put on a waitlist for one, consider acquiring valuable industry experience as a warehouse employee. Jobs include line supervision, packing oversight, quality control, warehouse management, and dozens more. Pay and benefits are better than average, but keep in mind that many large warehouses are 24/7 operations. That means new hires often end up working second or third shift, at least for their first few months on the job.

Fleet Supervisor

Fleet supervisors earn excellent pay and have multiple responsibilities. Not only do they oversee all fleet management software and programs, but they hire staff members who help coordinate drivers’ schedules, load routing, client acquisition, and customer relations. In larger companies, fleet supervisors will rarely interact with clients, but in smaller firms, you should expect to wear many hats. Keep in mind that one of your jobs as a supervisor is to purchase and install fleet software programs, which are the heart of any effective transport company. You’ll regularly use GPS fleet tracking software and solutions to keep tabs on every vehicle on the road, communicate with drivers in real-time, follow shipments from beginning to end and tabulate driver and vehicle statistics.

Account Executive

As an account executive in the transportation industry, your primary function is to interact with potential and current customers. You’ll respond to their requests, help them find solutions to their shipping needs, and work to maintain long-term relationships with them. New hires typically train alongside an experienced account rep for about one year before they get their own client roster.


Long-haul and local drivers earn excellent pay, receive generous benefits packages, and are currently in high demand. For long haul positions, expect to be away from home for up to three weeks per month. Most companies will pay for your license training as long as you work for them for one year after the coursework is over. However, some new drivers prefer to foot the bill for their training classes and then work for whichever company makes them the best offer.

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