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How to revitalize your LA restaurant to attract new patrons

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It’s no exaggeration to say that the past year has been tough for restaurant owners. This has been true around the world, as well as at home in Monrovia. If your restaurant is just hanging on, you’re not alone.

As we hopefully head towards the end of the pandemic, many restaurant owners are trying to get their establishments prepped for the crowds. Unfortunately, these crowds might take a while to materialize, especially since potential patrons are still struggling to make money.

Your restaurant needs to stand out in order to attract new patrons. Here are some tips to bring in new crowds.

Revamp your interior design

If you want an example of a local establishment that revitalized itself through an interior upgrade, look no further than Kids World Family Fun Center. While the pandemic has been a struggle for Kids World, with their attractions too group-centric to be possible with social distancing measures, their interiors are ready to impress.

With an upgrade to their furniture, including gorgeous commercial dining chairs, they are well-placed to attract new business once the pandemic calms down.

You too can impress your patrons with new furniture and a whole new theme. We’re all ready to get out there and experience a normal life once again, so make sure that your restaurant is ready too!

Live entertainment

It has been so long since many of us saw any kind of live entertainment. Offering live entertainment in your restaurant is a great way of giving the space extra life (and another reason for people to visit). Live entertainment does not have to be a big spectacle. A good vocalist can sing quietly but powerfully, uplifting the ambience while not interfering with conversation at the tables.

Of course, you can set up events at which the live entertainment becomes the focus. This brings people to your restaurant, giving them a taste of your food and incentive to come back again. It can also be a great way to engage with patrons, creating a community that feels organic.

Offer frozen meals

One effective tactic that restaurants have used during the pandemic while unable to seat patrons has been to sell frozen (microwave) meals. This has provided an additional source of income to deliveries, but its usefulness will not end with COVID.

 Selling frozen or deli meals from your restaurant can be a great way to attract new patrons. They will appreciate the convenience of your meals, and will be interested in coming back for a sitdown meal when they have the time.

Social media presence

Finally, it is crucial that your social media presence is strong. In today’s world, a restaurant that does not have social media presence is always going to struggle, even without a pandemic. Social media not only helps you engage with new and returning patrons, but gives them added reason to visit. You can showcase your food and experience, and happy diners will oblige by taking their own photos and videos.

With the pandemic hopefully coming to an end soon, it is time to revitalize your restaurant. There are tons of restaurants in LA – make sure yours stands out.

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