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Home / Neighborhood / San Gabriel Valley / Pasadena Independent / Local Filmmaker Features Pasadena Repair Café In Latest Short Documentary

Local Filmmaker Features Pasadena Repair Café In Latest Short Documentary

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Director Brett Nicoletti releases new short-documentary film about the Repair Café experience in Pasadena. – Photo by Alex Cordero / Beacon Media News

Local filmDirector Brett Nicoletti has featured another hidden Pasadena gem in his newshort documentary film titled, “Repair Café ‘Building Resilience.’”

Repair Café is an international nonprofit organization that helps communities become more sustainable by holding meetings where people can have items repaired for free to reduce waste and improve the environment.

There are over a thousand locations that organize Repair Café events all over the world, but in Nicoletti’s short documentary he features the location in Pasadena.

There aremany skilled people who may be able to help and teach ways to repair a varietyof items — such as clothing, bikes and electronics — at the Repair Café eventbased in Pasadena.

The short filmhighlights the different people who repair items and how they enjoy helpingothers. It also features Martine Postman, founder of Repair Café.

In the film,Postman shares her vision of wanting more Repair Café events around the worldand why it is important to bring communities together and share the knowledgeof repairing.

Per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 2017 the average person produced about 4.51 pounds of trash per day, that is over 260 million tons per year, give or take. Landfill spaces in the U.S. and other countries have been filling up quicker in the last few years due to China banning foreign waste for recycling.

With so manylocal organizations that support eco-friendly policies in Pasadena, people seemto be more inclined to changing behaviors that will reduce their carbonfootprint. Events such as Repair Café give people an opportunity to reducewaste by getting items fixed that would otherwise, perhaps, end up in trash bins. 

Nicoletti’sfilm captures the spirit of community that occurs when a Repair Café event inPasadena happens and the great people who make it possible. The experience canbe rewarding on both ends of a repairing station and the impact this event hason reducing waste is an added incentive to the whole idea of having brokenitems repaired for free in your local community.

The shortfilm features what a resilient community can look like when we all cometogether with the purpose of bringing sustainable living to our localneighborhoods.

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