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Government Out Of Control!

by Pasadena Independent
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When a person first visited Sierra Madre, he or she saw a City with a rural atmosphere, which wasn’t an asphalt-and-concrete jungle as is the case in other cities. Sierra Madre also has many green lawns and plantings, which emit oxygen and add up to healthy and restful living. The person also saw a Local Government that he or she hoped was honest, fair and would treat every property owner equally, no matter what area of town the owner would purchase. Regretfully, in the passage of time, the government does more to defeat this trust of that person, and its people.
Recently, the San Gabriel Municipal Water District offered a free exchange of toilets to any homeowner that wanted a low-volume advertised toilet for the one that the homeowner traded for. Regretfully, the City did not say that they would reimburse to San Gabriel Municipal Water District the sum of $2,000. The District has given a money grant to the City and the City Council decided to spend some of the money on the replacement of lawn areas with concrete payers. Since the response so far has been small, the Council is trying to figure out how to use the money before the time expires. Suggestion: pave the area at City Hall where you let the landscape die. The water bills have four tiers of rates and Tier 4 is double the rate of Tier 1. What is the honest cost of the water? The Government says there is no penalty, but if that is true, then which rates are the cost and which are not penalties? In the real world, the greater the quantity used, the lower the unit cost, not higher. The Edison Company is doing the same thing with four rates and double charges one for generation and one for distribution. Here, too, the more you buy the higher the unit cost. Shame on Edison and what has the City Government done to protect the people?
Recently, the City Council denied the property owner from building a home that had already been approved by unanimous vote of the Planning Commission – after the Council had already sent the applicant back to the Planning Commission. The applicant made every change that the Planning Commission requested and received approval. This was brought before the City Council again and the City Council reversed the approval. The Mayor even stated that he did not say that he only wanted a one-story house and was not opposed to a second story home. His memory is obviously short since he did say exactly that the first time before the Council as did a former Council Member. Why do we have a Planning Commission if the City Council is going to overrule them? Why does the City Council treat one property owner different than the others of the City?
This is being followed by a host of additional regulations aimed at stopping all development. Why have a Development Department? We never had that department when City Hall was built. If we are not going to build anything, then eliminate that department and related costs from the taxpayer.
When will the City serve the people honestly and evenly?

-Sierra Madre Watchman

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