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Readers Choice 2020

Readers’ Choice 2020 Honors Essential Workers

For this year’s Readers’ Choice publication theme, we decided to pay tribute to the tremendous and tireless efforts of those who help us deal with the unprecedented pandemic of 2020, the coronavirus Covid-19;  wildfires that have consumed hundreds of thousands of acres of land and all this in an election year unlike anything history has witnessed.

The pandemic has, sadly, taken countless lives and thrown our lives and the economy into a tailspin and changed all of our lives, perhaps for a very long time.

However, we as humans are resilient and now care for one another in ways we never thought possible. With the help and encouragement of our essential workers we soldier on, as they say. These people to whom we pay homage really are our heroes without the capes.

With the health and safety of our friends and neighbors a major priority, we have all had to adapt to a new form of ‘normal’ in 2020 which involves face-coverings and exceptional care with hygiene.

Our essential workers have gone the extra mile to ensure that we are safe and can have a relatively normal lifestyle thanks to their dedication to a particular profession.

Readers’ Choice 2020 is our annual tip-of-the-hat, if you will, to local tradesmen and women, selected by our readers as the FAVORITE in their chosen profession.

This year’s theme, as you will duly note, pays homage to the essential workers like firefighters, police, grocery workers, restaurants and employees and all the essential businesses that have (and continue to) help us all muddle through these extraordinary times.

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