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Choosing A Public School

Choosing A Public School
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By Carl J. Petersen

This post was contributed by a community member.

In the first four articles of the Voices From The Community series (here, here, here, and, here), representatives of constituencies throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) expressed their concerns about the district and detailed how they would like to move forward.

This new installment takes a different direction with LAUSD parent Audrey Wauchope writing about why she chose to send her child to Dixie Canyon Avenue Elementary School. A public school in the San Fernando Valley:

When I was a kid growing up in Connecticut, there was no talk about “school choice.” Private schools and charter schools were not discussed. It was inconceivable that you would not send your child to the local public school. In white suburban Connecticut, we were proud of our schools. In fact, families moved to a town FOR the schools it provided.

Imagine my shock some twenty years after my public school graduation when I heard the whispers around me about schools in my new home of Los Angeles. They were casual at first, perhaps a throw-away comment by someone: “We wish we could go to our local public school but you know… LAUSD.” Did I know? I didn’t, it seemed. But surely soon I would figure it out.

Those whispers grew louder as I approached giving birth. I would sit in a room surrounded by my peers at work and listen to the tales of private schools and sometimes a charter (always by the founding parents). I was confused but I admit, completely willing to believe the hype that it was just not possible to send your child to public school if you wanted a decent education in this city.

Meanwhile, I was about to get my own education about education in Los Angeles. I met a man who had a daughter and followed along their school journey as she started at a lovely private school. I went to drop-offs, clapped at concerts, and smiled through fundraisers. It was, as everyone had said, a wonderful education[…]

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