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Your Spring Wellness Guide 2021

Your Spring Wellness Guide 2021
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By Anna Haines

Amidst the collective grief and stress of the pandemic, brands like Bloomscape have seen sales … [+] With restrictions lifting and vaccines rolling out, hope is on the horizon. But a year spent socially isolating, caregiving and working long hours has taken its toll. People are sleeping less , reporting more aches and pains, and feeling anxious and depressed .

“The prevalence of mental health disorders has skyrocketed, Headspace Chief Strategy and Science Officer Dr. Megan Jones Bell tells Forbes, “Before the pandemic, one in four to five people in the U.S. experienced a mental health disorder at some point in their life, it’s now one in three.”

The mind and body doesn’t bounce back so easily when facing the collective trauma of losing over 500, 000 Americans to COVID-19. With wounds to heal amidst a health care system that fails to adequately meet needs, people are turning to wellness for support.

The Shift necklace from Komuso supports pandemic stress by acting as a reminder to practice deep … [+] Even before 2020, the wellness market was valued at $4.2 trillion . Now, with the pandemic increasing the demand for preventative health care, telehealth services, soothing self-care and home […]

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